The dotnet Cologne 2009

Today, I attended the dotnet Cologne 2009. It was a one-day community conference (in German) on WPF and Silverlight.

About 180 people gathered at the Microsoft building in Cologne. They were presented a very good programme. The speakers were great, the topics of the talks were great, too. The talks were arranged on two tracks most of the time.

For me, it was a quite valuable event. I gained a lot of practical insights into WPF and Silverlight. In particular, the talk on the data binding mechanism in WPF attracted my special interest. As usual, the discussions with the participants during the breaks were interesting as well as inspiring.

In addition, which made the day valuable for me in terms of money or development tools, I won a ComponentOne Studio Enterprise licence from the closing raffle. 🙂

Thanks to the organisers and I’m looking forward to the dotnet Cologne next year!

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