Green is my current CCD degree

I have reached the upper half of the ladder. (I do not count the CCD black degree.)

Green is the 4th CCD degree and emphasises:

  • Principles
    • Open Closed Principle
    • Tell, don’t ask
    • Law of Demeter
  • Practices
    • Continuous Integration (Build & Test)
    • Static Code Analysis (Metrics)
    • Inversion of Control Container
    • Share experiences

The principles focus proper class design and lead to loose coupling. The same is true when making use of a container. Continuous integration and metrics increase productivity, for they check your software quality automatically. Once more, there are no rules at this degree.

I think I can rush through this degree, because I use these principles and practices (almost) every day. There is one exception: I have to get more interested in the code metrics, for I have really lost sight of that.

Sharing experiences – that is what a blog is for, isn’t it?

2 thoughts on “Green is my current CCD degree

  1. Hi Erik,

    there are no rules at the green degree, thats right. There are no rules at all 😉 We did a refactoring and moved everything from the rules section to principles and practices.

    Btw. to share your experience you may do talks to your local .NET or agile community.


  2. Erik Bollow says:

    Hi Stefan,

    when I revisited the CCD website last time, I realised that the content of some degrees has changed, e.g. the yellow degree has some new principles. But as you state on the CCD site, these changes are intended. CCD is not static, it follows the idea of agility: Change due to new insights. So, your refactorings are alright.

    Thanks for your comment, I have not realised the changes (elimination of the rules) that explicitly before.

    With respect to sharing experiences, I am really looking forward to opportunities to give some more talks. Fortunately, the agile community in my region (Düsseldorf) is growing and I am already in contact with these people.


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