Green is my current CCD degree

I have reached the upper half of the ladder. (I do not count the CCD black degree.)

Green is the 4th CCD degree and emphasises:

  • Principles
    • Open Closed Principle
    • Tell, don’t ask
    • Law of Demeter
  • Practices
    • Continuous Integration (Build & Test)
    • Static Code Analysis (Metrics)
    • Inversion of Control Container
    • Share experiences

The principles focus proper class design and lead to loose coupling. The same is true when making use of a container. Continuous integration and metrics increase productivity, for they check your software quality automatically. Once more, there are no rules at this degree.

I think I can rush through this degree, because I use these principles and practices (almost) every day. There is one exception: I have to get more interested in the code metrics, for I have really lost sight of that.

Sharing experiences – that is what a blog is for, isn’t it?