Gandalf the White (in CCD terms)

By reaching the final white CCD degree I put on my white wristband today. So, from now on I have to obey all the principles and practices that the previous CCD degrees comprise. That is quite challenging in my eyes, for I have to keep an eye on many aspects of the whole development process. But it is worth it! It is obvious that my code has become cleaner since I read Uncle Bob’s Clean Code which was the source for the CCD idea.

Regarding the title of this post, it really feels like being on the developer’s next evolution level. Many things have become clearer to me. As I wrote before, most of the clean code ideas are not new, but they are brought together and verbalised in a quite concise way now.

One of the main points of the CCD approach is the perpetual focusing on a subset of the CCD principles and practices, i.e. on the different CCD degrees. That means, although having reached the final degree and thus keeping in mind all principles and practices, one works on the “coloured” degrees with their specific focus again and again. This is because repetition is a good teacher. Additionally, the principles and practices are not fixed, they are changed or modified from time to time. For example, the degrees comprised rules at the beginning; these have merged into the principles and practices completely.

Definitely, I will follow this track!