DWX 2016 – day 2

Halftime. On the second day of the conference I concentrated on .NET development.

The day started for me with Carsten König who gave an introduction to F# – Funktionale Programmierung mit F#. It was a good talk although only few things were really informative for me. One of my highlights so far followed: akka.net – Einführung in das Actor Model mit .NET held by Ralph Waldenmaier. He gave a very good overview and background information on that topic. I am surely going to try out the actor model in an eligible project! Normally, databases are not one of my favourite topics. But Constantin ‘Kostja’ Klein told us about Database Lifecycle Management. I found his information very useful, for they perfectly go with our actions taken to improve the lifecycle management of our software. He showed me how we can add the database aspects to that process.

In the afternoon, there were two DevSessions. David Tielke talked about .NET Core. It comprised great background information about the .NET Framework as well as about the new .NET Core. David explained very well what Microsoft’s strategy change means to us as developers. The last session was WPF Troubleshooting in Visual Studio 2015. Manuel Meyer presented very useful debugging and analysis tools that are free of charge and that help to find issues in .NET applications. Some of them are even part of the Visual Studio. In particular, Manuel concentrated on WPF applications. Very exciting and informative talk, too!

Now, I’m preparing my schedule for tomorrow.