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I became a computer buff as a teenager. By now, Computer Science is firstly my passion and secondly my profession. I am generally interested in everything that has to do with Computer Science, but my particular interest has always been on algorithm design/algorithm engineering and modelling.

Currently, I am head of development but I still consider me as a software developer and software architect. Since 2008, I have set my focus on agile software development, which methods and principles perfectly go with my everlasting quest for new approaches to produce better software. Not surprisingly, I am a Scrum and Kanban enthusiast and practitioner.

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This is a personal weblog. The opinions expressed here are my very own and do not necessarily correspond to those of my employer. My opinions can change from time to time as a result of having an open mind.

The same way, the information given here may become out of date. This is due to the nature of most things concerning Computer Science.


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