The CCD blues

Today, I started to work on the blue CCD degree. It is the 5th and last sectional one.

Thus, I currently focus on these principles and practices:

  • Principles
    • Architecture and Implementation do not overlap
    • Implementation reflects Architecture
    • YAGNI (you ain’t gonna need it)
  • Practices
    • Continuous Integration (Setup & Deployment)
    • Iterative Development
    • Component-oriented Development
    • Test First

Here, we find a perspective slightly apart from the mere coding. Principles and practices both point out in their own way the relation of design/architecture on the one hand and realisation/implementation (in terms of program code) on the other. Design/architecture may be regarded as being one abstraction level higher than realisation/implementation.

The principles make you keep an eye on the distinction between architecture and realisation. In my point of view, at least the component-oriented development practice can be seen as a result of the implementation reflects architecture principle.

Besides architecture, other aspects of the software development process are involved here. Iterative development and test first address specification: Tests can be regarded as some sort of specification; iterative development results from continuous specification refinement. Finally, continuous integrations reminds you to install an automated setup and deployment mechanism here.

Just to mention it: The YAGNI principle is quite important, so it is repeated within the blue degree.

In summary, this CCD degree focuses on the embedding of the coding part in other aspects of the software development process such as specification, deployment, and architecture.

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