Now working on CCD orange degree

I have mentioned the Clean Code Developer (CCD) and its idea earlier. After having worked on the red (1st) degree so far, I am currently focusing on the principles, rules, and practices of the orange (2nd) degree.

The orange degree emphasises:

  • Principles
    • One level of abstraction
    • Single Responsibility Principle
    • Separation of concerns
  • Rules
    • Source code conventions
  • Practices
    • Issue tracking
    • Automated integration tests
    • Read, read, read
    • Reviews

A two sentences subsumption: The principles and rules of the orange degree support readability and understanding of source code. The practices are related more or less to the soft skills of a software developer.

The first degree was comparably easy, because I was already aware of most of its elements. Nevertheless, it took me almost two months not to violate the 21 day rule, which says, that you may not violate any of the aspects of your current degree for that time span before you go on to the next degree.

Just one remark: CCD defines professionalism for a software developer. The application of what is said there leads straight to better (i.e. higher quality) software. It was not expressed that explicitly in my first post on CCD. But it seems important to me.

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